Submit Your EDM Ghost Track


Send us your EDM Ghost track and money from doing the very thing you love!

You do what you do best and producing music, and you let us what do best which is selling ghost produced tracks!

Are you looking to submit more than one track? Not a problem, please follow the instructions below and send us one zip file for each track containing all required files.

Ghost Track Requirements

At GhostEDM we accept all types and forms of electronic dance music, even if we don’t have a specific genre listed on our site, please send us your ghost produced track and we will do our best for you.

The following areas are required as a minimum:

  • All files must be zipped together and uploaded as one
  • If you are sending more than one track, please send them individual zip files for each track
  • The track must include a mastered and unmastered version
  • All stems must be included and labelled separately. For example:
    • Bass drum
    • Hi Hat
    • Piano Melody 1
    • Main female vocal
  • All audio files must be exported as 44.1Khz, 24-bit, WAV
  • The track must include a 60 second sample for us to use on the site
  • Where loops and samples have been used, you have received or confirmed permission of their use for commercial activities
  • Include genre, general information and the price in dollars
  • By uploading the track you agree to the Terms and Conditions.


Upload files

Please allow up to 24 hours after submission for our staff to look over your track.


Having Issues Uploading?

Should you have problems using this form, please send the files to us at:

demo ( at )